Best Fielders in the Indian cricket team

The Indian team was never known for its electrifying field until last 21st century. With the many youngsters being the regular part of the team, the standards of fielding have been raised. Let us have a look at the best fielders that India has produced so far.

  1. Yuvraj Singh

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    The Indian middle order batsman who is known for his big hitting is one finest fielders India has produced. During his 20s, he regularly fielded in the point region and has taken spectacular catches in cricketing career.

  2. Mohammad Kaif

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    The Indian middle order batsman who came to limelight after his heroic knock in the famous natwest final was another outstanding fielder. Although he played around 125 ODI matches, he couldn’t make big in the international arena. But he left his mark as one of the best fielders in the Indian cricket team

  3. Ravindra Jadeja

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    Popularly called as “sir”by his team mates and fans for fun, this Indian all rounder is very good in the field. He has a wonderful arm, which makes him one of the best fielders in the out field

  4. Suresh Raina

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    The ever active cricketer and the one called as the perfect team player, Suresh Raina is super active in the field. He has held on to wonderful catches which have won matches to India.

  5. Rohit Sharma

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    The only man in the international cricket to have scored two double centuries, Rohit Sharma is also known for his swift running and fielding. He has been overshadowed by the likes of Suresh Raina, Jadeja and Kolhi but he too has a safe pair of hands

  6. Virat Kohli

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    The Indian test captain is also a wonderful fielder in the Indian team

  7. Ajinkya Rahane

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    The ever so cool and calm player who is termed as the next Rahul Dravid of the Indian cricket team by the experts and fans is also a wonderful fielder. Of late, he has been known for his direct hit run outs which have proved to be match winning dismissals.

  8. Robin Singh

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    The West Indies born Indian player, who played in the 90s for India was probably the best Indian fielder in his generation. The left handed all rounder was a very atheltic in the field, which was a rarity at that time

  9. Ajay Jadeja

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    The former Indian player who was banned from playing cricket for his allegedly involvement with the bookies was also an athletic fielder during his time



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