Too young to be gone, too average to be mourn? Stuck in a cluster, battling it all alone.
Was his talent to little, or was it not being from a family too known.
Words fall short to vent out this grief, Was the pain and suffering to vast to be briefed!
Tell me if this is the first time one was suffering a mental fight, It is just that he got the right limelight.
As he is gone now , a trail of goodbye messages follow
This shows nothing but how this business is too shallow…

Mental Health, Empathy, Love, Kindness might be trending this day,
But Hey did you even bother to stay?

It feels a part of the commoners is gone, A part of me, a part of you…
Don’t you dare say the privileged have nothing to do,
The Reason he left us, was because of quite a few of you.

We’ve always had blames to blame, excuses too lame, headlines too mean and gossips too,
Have you ever thought what a person is mentally going through.

No I’m not here to gain some publicity or points finger at

I’m just here to tell , Stop this business of blindly following all those RICH BRATS.

And for this Industry too cruel, Mend your ways
before this biasness acts as a fuel.
To the godfathers with this sinister influence,
A day will come when this will end, or is it that you’ve already groomed your descendant.

–  From a commoner to a commoner gone too soon.

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