Astonishing Video Of Boeing 777 Made Out Of Manila Folder

As kids, everyone of us had built our own planes out of paper and let it fly. That was our favourite pass time in school during classes and we were mischievous enough to throw them at teachers too. But have you ever thought if an actual replica of Boeing 777 could be made out of paper, well not exactly paper, but still ever wondered? Luca Iaconi-Stewart from San Francisco dropped out of college to work on his project of building a 1/60th replica of Boeing 777 from manila folder and has been working for the last 6 years on the same project. Each seat, each door, thrusters, landing mechanism, toilets everything that were made are functional. The paint job is amazing. Just have a look at what I’m talking and you can find videos of how he built each part as well on his Youtube page. Incredible talent!

Credits: EverydayFacts



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