9 Signs You’re A Typical Desi Top To Bottom

While you do B.Techs, MBAs, MS or achieve greater heights, you will still retain those typical desi qualities that separates us from the rest of the world and what makes India truly a mesmerizing country with a fusion of cultures. Involuntarily you do things that shout Indian and let’s look at a few of those signs.

  1. You unwrap your gifts carefully so that you can again use the gift wraps later
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  2. First thing you ask at a friend’s place is WiFi password
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  3. You prefer doing all your shopping during the end of season when there is clearance sale
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  4. When you are to gift a greeting card, you first search for last year cards without name
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  5. You take all the free stuff like tissue paper, soaps when you go to hotels and restaurants
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  6. You save old newspapers and magazines for months before you exchange them for groceries or sell them
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  7. Even while you speak in English, a bit of Hindi like ‘What I mean to say is ki’ seeps in
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  8. You go to temples just for the free prasad
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  9. Free food is your thing, be it a friend’s treat or a total stranger’s marriage
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