9 Different Types Of People You Meet While Travelling On A Train

Everyone in India would’ve travelled by train at some point or the other in his/her life. It could be a short 1 hour journey or a 1 day journey from one corner of India to the other, but it is inevitable that you meet lots of people on your way through. You make some good friends, you time pass playing with their children or talking to them. Let’s relive those moments by looking at the different type of people you meet on train.

  1. Children who’d fight for the window seat
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  2. People who travel without ticket
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  3. People who feel they own the berths and create nonsense for petty things like lights, fans and would not allow to make noise
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  4. People who sit in others’ place and shout as if it’s their place
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  5. People who start their autobiography even if you aren’t bothered and says every random bit about them
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  6. People who buy eatables from every passing by vendor and eat without gap
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  7. People who are engrossed in their music plugging their earphones and shutting out the outside world
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  8. A batch of friends who have numerous games to play like dumbcharades, playing cards, antakshari
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  9. Intimate couple smiling, chatting and romancing
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