8 Reasons Why People Check In On Facebook

Nowadays you go out with your friends, he first thing you do is check in on Facebook. But why you’d do that is a mystery even you don’t have an answer to. Let’s look at some reasons why people check in on Facebook actually.

  1. To show that you are a so called ‘foodie’ even though you eat the same food at the same restaurant
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  2. To justify the statements you tell everyone that ‘you love to travel’
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  3. Because everyone does it and you don’t want to be left out
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  4. To let others know about the different places which exist
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  5. To keep them as a memory on your timeline
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  6. To make your friend jealous who could not come with you for some lame reason
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  7. You get to take a selfie with your friend’s hot friend
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  8. To show your ex that you’re perfectly fine after your recent breakup
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