7 Tactics Shopkeepers/Salesmen Use To Make A Sale

When you go to a shop or when a salesman visits you, it is inevitable that you hear to the shopkeepers asking you to buy their products explaining their features, why you should prefer their products. Here’s some of the tactics that they use to attract you to their shops and get you to buy their products.

  1. Madam…bas ye last piece hai
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  2. Ye tho foreign mall hai, agar aapko aacha nahi lage…mai tho yahin rehta hu
    Foreign Goods
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  3. Madam…ye aap pe bahut acha dikh raha hai
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  4. Offer aaj last hai…kal se nai milega madam
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  5. Yahi cheez baahar double daam pe bikti hai
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  6. Aaj kal yahi chal raha hai…latest fashion
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  7. Label the price of the product 3 times higher and let you bargain
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