7 Reasons Why People Love Being Single

  1. You can happily sleep at 10 or watch movie till late night when your committed friend is busy talking to his/her better half
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  2. The moment when your friends are busy planning and preparing gifts and surprises for their beloved ones, you say thank god I’m single
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  3. When you get less phone bill compared to your friend
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  4. When you get to watch your favourite action movie while your committed friends are watching the cheesy romcom in the adjacent theatre
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  5. When your committed friend has a fight and comes to you for some peace of mind and the first thing you think is, Thank God I’m not into all of this
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  6. When your committed friend can’t do this and can’t wear that because his/her lover doesn’t approve, you are like, jeez!! I have my freedom!!
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  7. When you get to check out a hot girl and your friend can’t because his girlfriend is with him
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