6 Controversies Surrounding AAP After Their Stupendous Victory In Delhi

  1. Yogendra Yadav and Bhushan voicing dissent against AKYYB

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    Soon after the Delhi elections victory, both these founding members of AAP had raised dissent against the style of working of Arvind Kejriwal and party was divided into 2 factions

  2. Alleged sting operation on Kejriwalmaxresdefault

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    There was an alleged sting operation which had Kejriwal talking about luring the congress MLA’s and splitting the party MLAs in order to form the government before the Delhi elections, 2015

  3. Founding members sacked15-1429073644-yogendra-yadav-and-prashant-bhushan

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    Both the leaders Yadav and Bhushan were sacked from the party alleging anti party activities and thus caused huge uproar in the party across the country. There were mass resignations from the party

  4. Bhushan’s letter to Arvind Kejriwalpb_2345157f

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    Bhushan wrote an open letter to Arvind Kejriwal alleging his wrong style of working which surfaced in the media. He also suggested better policies in his letter

  5. Kumar Vishwas’controversykumar-vishwas-woman-650_650x400_71430728643

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    AAP leader Kumar Vishwas was alleged of having a affair with an AAP volunteer in the run up to the 2014 Lok Sabha elections where he unsuccessfully contested against Rahul Gandhi.

  6. Law Minister Tomar’s controversyjitender-tomar

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    The Delhi Law Minister Jitendra Tomar was alleged of fabricating his law degree. The matter has been under investigation since then.



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