6 Best Surfing Schools in India

  1. Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu

    One of the best surfing places in India. You can find Mumu surfing school maintained by Mumu, a local, who learnt surfing from foreigners and has been teaching ever since. The place is filled with surfers and Mumu is a nice guy, this is the place to learn surfing.


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  2. Kovalam, Kerala

    Soul and Surf camp looks after the surfing business here in Kovalam. The camp is based on a cliff with a huge garden with ocean as the backdrop. The staff are courteous and make sure you have a nice vacation.


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  3. Manipal, Karnataka

    Another beautiful place to surf is on the coast of Karnataka, Manipal. You can find Skaha surf club there which was set up by Malayvia and Pathiyan. The waves are not so high and is an ideal place for beginners.


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  4. Chennai, Tamil Nadu

    On the east coast of India, you have another beautiful surfing spot at Chennai and services are provided by Bay of Life Surfers. This place is owned by Showkath, who has a wonderful team and they make sure you look at ocean in a totally different way.

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  5. Pondicherry

    Another on the east coast, Pondicherry is home to a lot of surfers and in a small village named
    Tandriankuppam near Pondicherry; you can find Kallialay Surf School. Juan and Samai are brilliant instructors, and you need to be swimmers as the waves are a bit on the higher side.


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  6. Lighthouse Beach, Kerala

    Another one in Kerala and it’s no surprise. The first surfing club in India and a club which also does community work with their NGO, SISP. It is the cheapest place for surfing in India and with good quality and safety.


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