5 Animal Species That Have Become Extinct In India

  1. Indian Cheetah


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    Indian Cheetah is also known as Asiatic Cheetah. The animal has become extinct largely due to excessive hunting, deforestation and loss of habitat. The animal was found in parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat and other open places where prey was available. Now the animal can only be found in Iran, which is also on the danger of facing extinction

  2. Indian Aurochs


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    It is considered as the ancestor of thezebu cattle, which is mainly found in southern Asia and has been introduced in many other parts of the world, like Africa and South America. Indian aurochs were domesticated independently in Southern India, in Gujarat and the Ganges floodplain

  3. Pink headed duck


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    Pink headed ducks are probably the most beautiful birds in India. The bird had a long neck and was a diving blackish brown duck. It was once found in almost all parts of India. But due to excessive hunting, the bird has fallen in the category of extinct species in India.

  4. Sumatran Rhinoceros


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    The Sumatran Rhinoceros were probably the smallest rhinoceros which had two horns and only extant species of the genus Dicerorhinus. The rhinos were once found in regions of Indian and also the neighbouring North East Asian countries. They are now on the verge on facing a complete extinction with only 200 more alive in neighbouring countries.

  5. Sivatherium


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    The animal was as tall as 7 feet and has faced extinction. The animal was called as Sivatherium due to the Hindu God Lord Shiva. These animals are considered as the tallest and the fastest animals that have been found in India.



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