12 Types Of People You Come Across In College

  1. The fresher – The new guy in hostel who is staying away from home for the first time and has a reality check as soon as he has to wash his clothes himself
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  2. The smartest – studies only 2 hours before the exam and yet scores a good grade
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  3. The laziest – takes bath once a week and seldom goes to class without brushing
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  4. The crazy one – criticizes himself/herself and gets tensed over small matters
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  5. The unlucky one – studies throughout the term yet never scores the highest
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  6. The selfish – who does not share his notes with anyone, does not help anyone but takes help from others
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  7. The naughty – who is active in all other activities except studies, cracks jokes in the middle of class and irritates teachers
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  8. The dependable – who reminds friends of their work, helps them in their distress and who becomes a saviour before exams
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  9. The long distance lover – The one who always looks for ways to escape group works to chat with his/her lover and Skypes the whole night
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  10. Latecomer – the one who is always late to class even after being marked absent previously for being late
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  11. Texting – the one whose on phone texting or Whatsapping all the way irrespective of the professor present
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  12. The last man standing – absent for the whole semester, but shows up for exams
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