10 Things You Can Do In A Boring Class To Pass Time

Stuck in a boring class with no exit. Even toilet breaks aren’t allowed. Sad. But don’t worry. Here we have 10 easy to implement ideas, which will make passing time in a class a breeze. And it doesn’t involve sleeping too.
So try to implement them. Then master them. And soon you’ll realise that even boring classes can be fun. All it takes is a little initiative from our side.

  1. Say to yourself – All is well
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  2. Think how you can save the world in case of an apocalypse
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  3. Stand tall and say – Mam, don’t worry. I have got it covered. Then apologize and sit down.
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  4. Hug the guy sitting next to you and say – Hey! What you did matters a lot to me.
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  5. Text the hottest girl in the class – Girl. I know you want me. But sadly I am already taken
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  6. Ask the guy sitting next to you for a pen to write. Then pass the pen to the guy on the other side, telling him to continue the game
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  7. Draw a portrait of the teacher, including as many details as possible
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  8. Draw lines on a paper equal to the no. of minutes left in the class. Then with each passing minute, cut one line
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  9. Think about the number of classes left and the number of classes you can miss
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  10. Start smiling smugly, giving the feeling that you know something which others don’t
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