10 Reasons Why It’s Awesome To Have A Bihari Friend

Well, almost everyone has a Bihari friend. Especially those who are preparing for JEE or UPSC. While a lot of jokes have been made about Biharis, what everyone will agree with is that it’s good to have them around.

Here are 10 reasons why it’s just awesome to have a Bihari friend.

  1. They’ll teach you maths, physics

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  2. 1st to support you in a fight
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  3. They’ll treat you with sweet Bihari dishes
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  4. They are proud of their heritage and do not take offence of any light hearted joke
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  5. Their parents will treat you as their own kids
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  6. They are sweet and humble people
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  7. They have good connections, especially in Railways
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  8. They have good sense of humor
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  9. They are highly adjustable
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  10. They’ll explain you the lyrics of some of the funny Bhojpuri songs
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