10 Must Try Street Food In Hyderabad

  1. Mirchi Bajji

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    Hyderabad, The famous Hyderabadi style mirchi bajjis is a common snack or appetizer, stuffed green chili fritters. Though mirchi bajjis are found with different stuffing’s from at different regions in India but Hyderabadi style mirchi bajjis are the best one to have.

  2. Punugulu

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    Punugulu are chops made of Dosa batter. The batter is made in round shapes and is fried in the oil. These are locally very common in Hyderabad. In the picture below we can see men enjoying ‘punugulu’ with south Indian ‘chutney’.

  3. Pani Puri

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    Pani puri’s are tasty Indian street food which are available all over India but have different stuffings used. Crunchy fried ‘puris’ are served along with stuffed spicy potato and sour water. People stand in queue and wait for their turn to grab some of it.

  4. Potato Chips

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    Potatoes are boiled and mixed with spices and ingredients to make a tasty stuffing, then are flattened and shaped in circles and dipped in a batter of gram flour and then deep fried. These are how the tasty Alu Chops are made.

  5. Onion Samosa

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    Onion samosa is a stuffed pastry popular in Hyderabad. It is generally fried in triangular shape with a savory filling. The stuffing includes the potatoes, onions, peas, coriander etc. The samosa often served with tamarind chutney or curd

  6. Kebabs

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    You cannot miss out of the kebabs in Hyderabad. It is a biryani city, so it’s obvious that you get tasty kebabs. These are marinated chicken or beef stuffed on sticks and then kept to roast. They are spicy and tasty.

  7. Onion Pakodas
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    Onion Pakoda is a deep fried batter snack made of gram flour (besan), other spices and onions. Unlike the potato bajji or the banana chilli bajji, the batter for the onion pakoda is different.

  8. Egg Bondas
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    Egg bonda is similar to bondas with an additional of egg in it

  9. Mysore Bonda

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    Mysore bonda is a lemon size dumpling made of all purposes flour (maida), rice flour, cooking soda and buttermilk

  10. Chana Jor garam

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    Chana Jor Garam is a mouthwatering Indian traditional snack made out of black gram. This one makes for a healthy and yummy evening snack.



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